Glaucoma Monitoring

Glaucoma Monitoring

We do routine glaucoma screening on all our patients and will monitor your eye pressure and retina.

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma you may need to visit us and the hospital frequently to start with. This is because the ophthalmologist at the hospital will want to make sure you are responding to treatment and that your eye pressure is in the right range for you and it is stable.

If your eye pressure continues to be stable and you are not having any problems with treatment then you will be able to go for check-ups less often. With time, you may only need to be seen every 6 or 12 months. However, it is very important that you attend these appointments to make sure your eye pressure continues to be stable as you will not be aware of any changes to the pressure, and you could permanently lose more sight if your current treatment becomes ineffective.

On each visit, you will have the pressure measured in the eye. This is usually done using a Goldman tonometer, which is a very accurate method. Also your visual field is tested and the back of your eye examined using drops to dilate your pupils. The effects of the drop usually wear off in about six hours, although sometimes it will happen overnight. It is not safe to drive until the effects have worn off.

The visual field test used in monitoring glaucoma is much more detailed than the standard fields test usually done. Some of the tests can take 10 minutes per eye and this. It is important to be prepared for this as accurate testing allows the optician to make the right decisions about your treatment.